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I operate the South End Zone from my home in De Pere, WI. I've always been a one man shop and I love doing it. While I have monthly expenses to keep the site going (for 26 seasons now), I try to keep those in check by accepting donations from fans who wish to help. I don't charge any fees to use the site (including the iCal feeds), and I've recently removed all ads from the site to keep the user experience clean. Donations are purely voluntary.

That said, these are the South End Zone Super Fans who have chosen to make a donation to help me with expenses:

🏈 Ian Angles

🏈 Scott Brooks

🏈 Patricia Cabrey

🏈 Paul Chamberlain

🏈 John Claudy

🏈 Connection Enterprises

🏈 John Deangelis

🏈 Lloyd Dewar

🏈 Hilde Espedal

🏈 First In Last Out

🏈 Kevin Forte

🏈 Brian Gerrits

🏈 Marissa Grant

🏈 David Heino

🏈 Werner Hoerhann

🏈 Spencer Joy

🏈 Jessica Mearns

🏈 James Miller

🏈 Michael Miller

🏈 Susan Rizzo

🏈 Nicole Smith

🏈 Cheri Swan

🏈 Jasprit Takher

🏈 Robert Walker

🏈 Gregg Williams

🏈 Todd Worthington

If you'd like to become a Super Fan too, please know how much I appreciate your contribution.

Scott Crevier

donate to the South End Zone

donate to the South End Zone

IMPORTANT: While making a donation, PayPal has a prompt labeld "Add a note". Please use that note to share your thoughts or any comments with me. For example, if you prefer that your name not be listed on this site, let me know. You can also send me an email at any time.

DISCLAIMER: Please know that there's no way I can guarantee the future of this web site. The best I can offer is my sincere intent to keep the South End Zone going in the near future. But, I also can't ignore the remote possibility of some day shutting everything down (I'm not getting any younger). I think that's a very remote possibility, but it's always there. That said, please only donate if you truly want to help and you won't expect a refund. I'm not selling anything and I have nothing on the web site to offer to donors that others don't also receive. If you have any reservations at all, please don't donate.


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