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Privacy Statement

SEZ uses cookies to store the preferences that you define on the Settings page. If you never change any settings, then no cookies are ever stored by SEZ.

If you're not familiar with how cookies work, in a nutshell, when you tell SEZ that your time zone is Eastern and your favorite team is the Giants (for example), the SEZ web site asks YOUR BROWSER to store this info about you. So it's saved in YOUR BROWSER on your computer or device; that data is never stored or saved on my server. Then, each time you visit the SEZ, your browser tells my site, "this user's time zone is Eastern and favorite team is the Giants", and SEZ responds by giving you content accordingly.

Specifically, the SEZ stores two cookies:

For your protection, every major browser allows you to view the cookies that a web site is storing for you. For example, if you use Google Chrome on a traditional computer, you can view the SEZ cookies by following these steps:

The main thing to understand is that by using cookies, you have complete control over the data that is stored, including if it's stored at all. The control of this data is completely in your hands where it belongs.

Aside from the data mentioned above, I use Google Analytics to track the usage of SEZ. This service stores info about your visit, like the date and time of your visit, the page(s) you visited, and the IP address of your computer (which is There is no personally identifiable data stored. More information about how Google uses this data is available in their article here:

In summary, I do not need any personal data about you in order to run the SEZ web site. So I don't ask for it, I don't store it, and therefore there is no way for me to ever disclose it to anyone.

Scott Crevier

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