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This is a database of 1,458 Packer games played over 101 seasons (since 1919). Use these links to select the rivalry you'd like to see, or use the selection options below to perform your own custom query.

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Searching Tips

Times Have Changed

When viewing the listing of games played, keep in mind that things were not always as they are today. For example, attendance records were not kept very well until around the mid 1930s. Also, although the Packers were formed in 1919, they did not join the APFA until the 1921 season; therefore, the 1919 & 1920 seasons are officially all non-league games. The Packers continued to play occasional non-NFL games through 1965.

Championship Games

Most good Packer fans know that the Packers have won 12 league championships, more than any other team in NFL history. But here are a couple of things you may not know (or remember) that affect the games in this database.

  • The first ever NFL Championship game was played in 1933. Prior to that year, the NFL Champion was simply the team with the best record at the end of the season. So, although the Packers were champions in 1929, 1930 and 1931, there were no championship games those seasons.
  • The Packers also played in 3 NFL Championship games which, unfortunately, they lost. Those games were in the 1938, 1960 and 1997 seasons.
  • In January 1967, the NFL Champion (Packers) played the AFL Champion (Chiefs) for the first time in what was later called Super Bowl I. However, until 1970, the the NFL and the AFL were still two separate leagues. Therefore, in the late 60s, the Super Bowl Champion was actually a double champion, having already won their own league's championship to earn the right to play in the Super Bowl. Due to this situation, the Packers actually played in two championship games in the 1966 season and the 1967 season.


Opponents' names are split up into the home city and the team name. This allows you to select a specific team, regardless of what city they were in; or vice versa. For example:

  • To show all games against the Raiders, whether they were in Oakland or Los Angeles, select All Cities for the city and Raiders for the team name.
  • To show all games against a Chicago team, no matter who that team was, select Chicago for the city and All Teams for the team name.

Game Location

  • Beginning in 1933, the Packers played certain home games in Milwaukee. This continued for 62 seasons, ending in 1995.
  • Home games are those played in either Green Bay or Milwaukee.
  • Away games are those played away.
  • Green Bay games are only those home games played in Green Bay.
  • Milwaukee games are only those home games played in Milwaukee.
  • Neutral games are those played at a neutral site (like Super Bowl I).

Player Strikes

Due to player strikes in the 1982 and 1987 seasons, the following scheduled games were never played and are therefore not included in the database:

Sun 26-Sep-1982 H Miami Dolphins
Sun 03-Oct-1982 H Philadelphia Eagles (Milw.)
Sun 10-Oct-1982 A Chicago Bears
Sun 17-Oct-1982 H Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Sun 24-Oct-1982 A Minnesota Vikings
Sun 31-Oct-1982 H Chicago Bears
Sun 07-Nov-1982 A Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Sun 27-Sep-1987 A Tampa Bay Buccaneers

1982: On Monday, September 20, the NFLPA called a players strike which lasted 57 days. The 16 game schedule was reduced to nine and the NFL used a format of 16 teams to compete in a Super Bowl Tournament. There were no official division winners.

1987: On Tuesday, September 22, the NFLPA called a players strike which lasted 24 days. The 16 game schedule was reduced to 15, with week #3 being cancelled. Games in weeks 4 through 6 were played with replacement players.

Multiple Criteria

All of the criteria that you select will be ANDed. Therefore, there is no way to have a query that gives you all games that the Packers won OR that were home games.

Multiple Queries

If you need to perform multiple queries, just use your back key on the listing page to get back to the selection criteria. Then change whatever criteria you need and run it again.

Common Sense

Be sure to use your common Green Bay sense when selecting criteria. There are many combinations of criteria that will yield zero games. For example, don't tell it to give you all the games between 1990 and 1996 that were coached by Vince Lombardi.

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