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I've applied a number of user-centered methods when programming the South End Zone. I hope that as a football fan and an SEZ user, you'll appreciate these features.

Portrait vs Landscape

One of the most important things to keep in mind as you navigate SEZ is that if you're viewing this site on a mobile device in portrait mode, some pages will provide additional info by simply flipping to landscape. For example, the Schedules will add kickoff times and stadiums.

portrait vs landscape


When you view your team's roster, you'll see that there is a button that takes you to the roster of another team. That's your team's next opponent. As a football fan myself, I find that most of the time when I look at a roster, it's during a game; so it's handy to quickly flip between the two rosters of the game I'm watching. These links change automatically every week.

Additionally, as you view a roster, you can quickly sort by jersey number or name. And you can also sort by age to see who's the oldest (or youngest), or by height, weight, etc.


Similar to the rosters, when you view your team's schedule, you'll see buttons that allow you to quickly navigate through the schedules of the other teams in your division.

While viewing game schedules (weekly or by team), be sure to click on the date to get a small popup with additional info about that game, including the TV network.


When you view the division standings, you can flip between the AFC and the NFC. The conference displayed initially corresponds to the conference of your favorite team.

Time Zone

In my 2+ decades of running this site, I've learned that there are NFL fans all over the world. For example, Merv Priestley, a long time SEZ fan from New Zealand, knows that Monday Night Football is really Tuesday Morning Football. :) So why do so many web sites make you translate kickoff times from the Eastern time zone (where the NFL is located) to your home time zone? Here on the SEZ, just set your home time zone in the settings, and all times in the SEZ will be converted for you.


The SEZ iCalendar feeds are a favorite of many fans. If you're having trouble with them, please check out my special iCalendar Schedules Help page.


My SEZ Facebook account is a good way to interact with me and other fans of the site. It's particularly helpful if you have questions about my iCalendar feeds or need help figuring out how to subscribe, etc.

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