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Welcome to the South End Zone, THE oldest Green Bay Packers related web site in the world and one of the oldest NFL-related web sites in the world! Having launched SEZ in the fall of 1995, 2020 is my 26th season! Over the years, this site has grown to be a great source of schedules and scores for fans of all NFL teams, from every corner of the world. The site is perhaps most known for it's database of every game the Packers have ever played (yes, all 1,458 games).

SEZ is a fan run web site in the truest sense of the term. I created it in 1995 (while living in Santa Ana, CA) due to my love for the Packers and the NFL. I continue to improve and maintain it today for the same reason. I always welcome any comments or suggestions.

While the SEZ site has had many looks over the years, there have really been only 3 major designs. I overhauled it once in 2009, and again in 2016, this time to make it much more usable on mobile devices.

As you navigate SEZ on a mobile device, if it seems like there should be more info, try turning your phone sideways to a landscape view. Be sure to check out my Help/Tips page for more info.

I developed SEZ using the jQuery Mobile framework. This allowed me to focus on users with mobile devices first, then traditional desktop computers second. While jQuery Mobile provides for really clean, smooth navigation, I still use traditional HTML links to make for better linking into the SEZ and better search engine presence.

I created and coded the favicons for various platforms using the RealFaviconGenerator.

The cool SEZ logo was created by Michael Chylinski, an old coworker of mine from our days at the Disneyland Hotel in the 1980s.

- Scott Crevier

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